Pablo Solari, por Lucia Mesquita Bleasby
I liked all of his artwork.
Their figurative painting, beautiful works, its deformation always manifests a desire to accentuate the sensuality of the image.
Are the free brushstrokes that give life to figure relaxed and serene, with exciteme nt and restlessness ...
"Fur soft, sexy, velvety, little souls, figures are full, round, or even corpulent, but this only reflects an aesthetic exaggeration and, as a figurative painter his images are directed by reality, everything is bulky in his paintings is his ideal aesthetic centers on shapes and volumes, a style that allows you to give expression to these views.
The painter Botero like to emphasize that the deformation in the art had a long historical tradition: Giotto, Raphael, El Greco, Rubens, Picasso and many others distorted reality to make something different, constant exaggeration and comprehensive deformation becomes a rule, transforming the later style.
Greetings from Brazil .... enjoyed all your works of art ....
Lucia Mesquita Bleasby